Updating Your Light Fixtures

If you have been wanting to give your space a little facelift, but you don't want to do a full remodel, a good place to start is updating your light fixtures! You can do this t=one of three ways!

Firstly, completely changing your fixtures. You can find cute updated light fixtures on Amazon, at IKEA, or at your local hardware store. This gives you a new look and freshens up your space in a big way!

If you like the look and shape of your fixture and don't want to completely replace it, one way to update them without complete replacement is to take off the shade, take off the metal pieces, take them outside, and spray paint them a new color. This is easy, affordable, and ends up looking really nice! Make sure you buy paint that adheres to metal if your fixture is made of metal!

Lastly, if you like your fixture and the color of the metal finish on it, one way to change it up is to get new shades for it! It is crazy how a simple change to the shape or opacity of the glass can change so much and make the whole fixture feel brand new!

We hope this inspired you to switch it up with your fixtures! Happy Updating!


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