Want to the Perfect Place to Enjoy the Outdoors?

We work with custom-built decks in Spokane Valley, WA

There's nothing better than lounging on your deck while soaking up the gorgeous weather. A deck is also a great spot for hosting summer parties. If you're ready to upgrade your yard with custom deck building services, contact Lux Renovations in Spokane Valley, WA. We can make your property stand out with a screened-in porch or custom backyard deck.

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Revive your old deck

Was your deck installed incorrectly? Maybe it's faded and needs a fresh stain. Don't stress, because our team can make your custom-built deck look brand-new.

Let our licensed and insured team refresh your deck with:

  • Fresh paint
  • New boards and hardware
  • Sturdy aluminum railings
We'll work within your budget to complete your deck building services. Request an appointment with us to get started.